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Esteban Guzmán Programación Neurolingüística
Esteban Guzmán

NLP Coach

Master Practitioner of NLP™

Expert in Neurolinguistic Programming, elimination of anxiety and panic attacks, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, Speaker.

I am crazy for life, I trained as a Lisenced Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP Coach and I have studies in Engineering, I like to learn new things and that is why I always see problems as challenges and opportunities to learn and improve myself, such This is why I always try to see the positive in things (the glass half full).


I am a lover of cycling, good conversations, teamwork, dogs and my family. I am charismatic, extroverted and empathetic qualities that make me a natural leader and that also give me ease to be able to give the good treatment that people deserve.


My main objective is to help people either by strengthening their abilities, helping them to overcome their fears / phobias or any limitations they have in their lives; to see a person improve his life is what really inspires us and although my training is not teaching or teaching I am a born trainer.


I like to work hard and hard as soon as a project is presented to me (because I do not know another way of working), with a lot of attention to detail and given that I am very visual I tend to identify areas of improvement quite quickly. Let's discover and build your best version together.

Alejandra Gutiérrez

IIN Health Coach 

NLP Coach

Master Practitioner of NLP™

Expert in Neurolinguistic Programming, elimination of anxiety and panic attacks. Holistic Nutritionist of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition of New York.

Hello! I am Alejandra, I was born, grew up and I live in Costa Rica, I am the mother of a wonderful young man, wife, a few days ago I turned 38 years old and I feel better than ever, every year that goes by brings me so many good things that the next one always comes with a great expectation, I am very grateful for life for so many blessings, among them, having the opportunity to combine my two passions: being Holistic Nutritionist and Neurolinguistic Programmer.


I always devoted myself to office work and advice in different branches, but life took me down a path different from what I had planned. Some time ago I decided to turn my life around to find my passion and my purpose, so together with my husband we decided to found Be Company, by the way, I am very happy that you are here reading this and being part of my dream, I can help you meet your goals, achieve a balance and reencounter with you and eliminate all those limitations that consume your energy every day. Do you want to take this trip with me?


Come on, together we can achieve it.

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