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Customer Reviews

My experience with Be Company helped me overcome certain anxieties that caused me to fall asleep on the right side of my face. Thanks to Alejandra's help, I could feel better and control the sensations I was seeing after that. I really liked the way they treated me and thanks to that I got knowledge about myself. I did not know that with my own mind I could do great things, I could get to feel so good. Thanks to this great team I was able to improve. Thank you!

Franyelis Mayca / San José, Costa Rica

Be Company was a really extraordinary tool and experience for me, for more than a year I was going through a crisis of anxiety and panic attacks, which was already affecting me in my personal and work development, as soon as I contacted them in this way (internet ) they treated me very attentively and today I can say that I overcame the anxiety crises and the panic attacks, the techniques that they taught me helped me to improve myself, to know myself and reach my goals, I really recommend and recognize the work so professional that Be Company offers.

Melissa Flores / Puriscal, Costa Rica

It was a beautiful experience. My areas of activity, psychology and hypnosis are very in touch with Neurolinguistic Programming, which greatly enhanced my work.

Ediliene Marquez / San Carlos, Costa Rica

I think that people should invest in studying ourselves, since it is with whom we live day to day. Being good with ourselves is the first and perhaps only step to be happy. Knowing how to identify our problems and nip them in the bud. Personally my spiritual practice helped me a lot but it is always necessary to express ourselves, be listened to and guided. Neurolinguistic Programming was that light and my experience with Be Company proved as valuable as I expected.

Cinthya González / Orotina, Costa Rica

I have felt very comfortable from the beginning and with confidence to tell things without feeling judged, I have achieved what I had not been able to do. This process has helped me to be aware of how I am and prioritize the important things. The coaching experience has put a before and an after in my life. I consider that this process has been so productive for having had a good guide, who has been in all my ups and downs without leaving his accompaniment.

Patricia Zamora / Guápiles, Costa Rica

Through Neurolinguistic Programming I found the path to liberation, I overcame panic attacks and anxiety that did not allow me to have a full life. The follow-up was constant and allowed me to feel safe and accompanied throughout the process. Without a doubt, it was the best investment and decision I could have made.

Daniel Blanco / Guadalupe, Costa Rica

It was very enriching and constructive. It gave me very rich information and tools about the importance of assertive and effective communication for interpersonal relationships in all our areas, as well as tips to put into practice in my daily life. Excellent professionals, everything was very pleasant and personalized.

Elieth Corrales / Ciudad Quesada, Costa Rica

I arrived with many expectations and all of them were fulfilled and exceeded. Excellent management of the subject by Esteban Guzmán. I can say with complete certainty that it has been the talk to which I have taken the most personal benefit, which made me leave with a big smile and satisfaction and with a strong motivation to focus on fulfilling my projects and etas. 100% recommended!

Mónica Arguedas / Heredia, Costa Rica

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