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Educational Coaching

Motivating us to study is the most difficult things that we face and it is for a simple reason: studying is VERY BORING and more if we do not know how to do it.

Another factor that especially affects the lack of motivation for the study is the difficulty of assessing long-term rewards. And studying, friends, is a long distance race, not speed; and the fruits we collect, sometimes, TOO LATE.

If it happens to you ...

  • You study but you do not get the performance you want.

  • You get stuck in exams.

  • You have a bad time when you have to expose in public, ask or give an opinion in class, go to the blackboard or expose.

  • You do not know how to plan or organize in the studio.

  • You are constantly distracted and can not focus your attention.

  • It's hard for you to memorize and retain learning.

  • There are no recipients to clarify your professional preferences.

  • You set goals but you do not keep them and you abandon them easily.

  • Take a long time to study.

  • You feel discouraged by the studies.

  • If you have stayed in the subject of the subject.

  • If you have problems to relate.

  • You want to get some dream ...

If you have answered that if one of these affirmations, ask for your first session !!

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