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A Program to eliminate anxiety and improve the quality of life.
  • Have you gone to the hospital thinking that you have suffered a heart attack cardiac arrest, and that in the end they tell you that what you have is "only" anxiety?

  • Have you ever feared to stop breathing due to pressure in your chest or shortness of breath?

  • When you drive, are you afraid of getting stuck in traffic or for example when passing over a bridge or while waiting at the traffic light?

  • Have you ever felt nervous or afraid of going crazy or losing control?

  • Have you had to fight against anxious thoughts that simply do not stop?

  • Do you feel discomfort when staying in closed environments, such as supermarkets, cinemas, traveling on the bus or even at the hairdresser?

  • Do you feel nervous and restless in situations that never bothered you?

It is very common to feel these uncomfortable sensations, but you do not have to continue like this.


Most people have been fighting their anxiety disorders for many years. Many times, the search in vain for an effective solution to their problems as book, course, treatment or program fell into their hands, has led to a state of complete exhaustion and have become skeptical (which is natural).


Anxiety is an answer that human beings have (and also animals) when our brain proves that there is a danger that puts our lives at risk. But what happens if our brain interprets something that is harmless as dangerous? Immediately send anxiety symptoms, as if the danger were real. If there is a real danger, anxiety causes us to flee or avoid that situation, that is, it helps us to get safe.


We could say that there are two types of anxiety: positive anxiety, which is a consequence of real dangers, and negative anxiety, which responds to fears that are only in our imagination. The first is good because it mobilizes us and leads us to seek a solution, while the second is negative because it blocks us and prevents us from extracting gratification from life.


The brain has a concrete way of functioning. When something has special importance to him, the brain produces an emotional response. Whether it's good or bad, the brain repeats that same response over and over again to the same stimulus. For example, what happens in your head whenever you listen to that special song or when you smell a familiar scent? The song or the aroma makes you come to mind, not only the memory of what happened, but also the sensations that your brain has related to that situation. Anxiety works in the same way, it stays "hooked" and activates whenever something reminds you of your brain. Many times, the anxiety is caused by a real reason (a fright, for example), but it is still maintained once the real danger has passed, since the event that motivated it is associated with the fear response.

Anxiety immediately causes a series of symptoms in the nervous system in order to save life.


Have you felt?

  • That feeling of dizziness followed by panic.

  • Tension in the throat and chest, difficulty breathing.

  • Accelerated heart rate and tingling sensation in arms and legs.

  • Obsessive worries and unwanted thoughts.

  • Sense of disconnection from reality.

  • Extreme fear that anxiety makes you crazy.

  • You have been afraid of fear.


Once the anxiety has "hooked", every day there are more everyday things that cause these symptoms, there are more and more stimuli that provoke the same reaction of anxiety. Anxiety is generalized towards similar things (first you are afraid to go to a store, then you are afraid to walk around the city, you are afraid to leave the house, for example) Through this program it is very easy to solve the problem. We teach you to cut from the start the stimuli that trigger the anxiety. The most important thing is to know yourself, to discover how you function internally and what tools you need to eliminate anxiety, you will learn to quickly solve the problem of anxiety, anxiety disorders, anxiety crises, say goodbye to phobias and avoid always the fears and the moments of anguish.

Fearless Living

Have you ever noticed how we think? We communicate with the world through the senses. We also think through the senses: we see or hear things inside of us. It is not possible to feel without thinking. First we think and then we feel.


Anxiety occurs because the brain interprets that there is a danger to you through your thoughts. If you think that the elevator is going to fall and your brain interprets it to be true, it will immediately send you symptoms of anxiety. It would also happen to me. The main characteristic of anxiety is that, little by little, it becomes generalized and there are more and more things that produce anxiety.


The problem is that some of the thoughts you have, you make them in such a way that your brain interprets things that are not real. If my brain believes that something serious is going to happen, it sets in motion defense mechanisms (anxiety). This thought triggers the process of anxiety can be a mental image (of yourself or another person or situation), a sound (your own voice, someone's words, a noise or music ...), or a feeling in the body (a tingling, a prick, cold or heat ...). The secret lies in knowing how to change the brain's interpretation of these thoughts.

Living without Fear consists of proven and extremely effective techniques that have been adapted over the years in our practice of neurolinguistic programmers and coaches. You will learn the techniques to change the way your brain responds to the thoughts that produce anxiety. We have applied these techniques so that you can learn them quickly and practice them regularly to overcome anxiety.


When you buy a bread toaster, together with the appliance, they give you a small booklet with instructions, in which they explain how the toaster works, what are the possible faults that may occur, how to solve them and where they can help you in the technical service. When you were born, nobody gave you a book of instructions on how your brain works. A bread toaster is a very simple instrument. The human brain, however, is the most complex system, the greatest wonder that exists on Earth, with billions of connections.

Today you have the opportunity to know how your own brain works and what causes that at this moment it is generating anxiety. With Living Without Fear you will be able in a very short time to eliminate anxiety without pills and without suffering.


You will learn how your brain works. We have been working as neurolinguistic programmers and coaches for many years and we have not found two people who think the same way. We all have small peculiarities that we will help you discover.


How does your brain to be well, calm, at ease. You need to know what your brain does to be calm and relaxed, because that way you can compare it and see the differences when anxiety occurs.


How does your brain interpret, erroneously, that something is dangerous to you? This is the key to the matter, since your brain interprets a certain type of thoughts as dangerous. This produces anxiety, as a defense reaction.


How to regain gratification from life. You have the right to be happy, to have a clear mind, to recover lost time, to feel good physically, to have all your psychological resources (security, tranquility, self-esteem, affection), to be able to travel and to live life with all its splendor.


How to automate the change Once you know how your brain works to be well and how you do it to have anxiety, you will use quick change techniques and automate those techniques so that it never happens again.


How to prevent more from ever happening again and overcome anxiety. You will forget the fear of anxiety returning. We will explain how to do to learn to automatically cut off any beginning of discomfort.

Imagine if you could ...

  • Plan vacations and trips without fear of anxiety.

  • Feel confidence and security both to leave home and to be alone.

  • To be able to trust in the certainty that your body is not under any type of danger.

  • Never fear to have to leave suddenly for a commitment or social event due to a panic attack.

  • Deal with your daily affairs without having symptoms of anxiety or anxious thoughts filling your mind.

  • Give a speech or presentation without worrying about having a panic attack.

  • See how the bonds with your loved ones improve as the barrier of fear dissipates.

  • Feel at ease when flying, driving or traveling without worry.

  • Stop the night panic and the anxiety that keeps you awake at night.

  • Do what you love and that panic attacks are preventing you from doing.

  • Do not get caught up in sensations or thoughts about being disconnected from reality.

  • Be free of those cyclical thoughts that torment your mind.

  • Learn how to stop controlling your anxiety every five minutes.

  • Wake up in the morning feeling confident and free from distressing thoughts about what the day holds.

  • Recover the opportunity to do things in your life that you feared due to anxiety.

  • Enjoy a new enthusiasm for life as exciting opportunities that were previously impeded due to anxiety open up again for you.

  • Learning to live in a new and reckless way, instead of constantly anticipating the next attack of anxiety.

  • Become a source of inspiration for others who suffer from anxiety and show them that they can definitely end it.


It is easy to start a new life without anxiety. Become the owner of your life again. Simply request your first free session.

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