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Personal Coaching

The NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is a methodology that serves to enhance our capabilities and thus carry out changes we want in our lives, as art and science of human excellence provides solutions to three important issues:


-How to communicate effectively with ourselves and with others (through a series of keys we can get to better understand our own way of thinking, and that of others).


-How to master our moods (emotions) -learning to replace those "mental programs" that are not useful for others more appropriate to improve our quality of life.


-How can we learn from the best -participating from the observation of the behavior patterns used by those who have achieved excellence in very diverse areas (business, sports, politics, science, art, solidarity ...), NLP has systematized guidelines for Proven effectiveness in the form of techniques that anyone can learn to use to achieve similar results to other successful people.


One of the fundamentals of NLP says that "we are as we think": that our inner world ends up creating our outer world. Well then, how do we create that inner world? Our internal understanding (map) of what happens outside (territory) is not reality, it is simply a limited, distorted and generalized perception of our life experience; hence we use a useful metaphor: "the map is not the territory."

The information we receive from reality is processed by our neurological channels and little by little the various experiences we experience are interpreted according to our beliefs and ideas of the world, of people and of ourselves. These beliefs are not good or bad in themselves -because the person who has them serves them- are limiting or empowering: they make us think that something is possible or not. Beliefs act as keys that open or close the doors to the change of behaviors and ideas, of ways of seeing things and acting accordingly, of thinking and being; In short, they are the ones that most determine our way of living and our results in life. NLP provides us with powerful tools to modify our beliefs - many of them rooted in subconscious thinking patterns and strategies - with the purpose of interacting effectively with our environment and the people around us.

But in the beliefs does not end a process of life change. Not even focus our efforts on improving our skills and abilities could ensure a lasting change if we do not previously do a more internal work: on our values. A value is what we strive to achieve. But beware: there are "virtuous" values ​​(such as sincerity, courage, temperance ...) and "egotistical or noxious" values ​​(deceit, laziness, cowardice ...); As long as we live focused on positive values ​​we can evolve, and that is when really spectacular life changes take place.


If NLP provides the techniques, Personal Coaching is the process in which the Coach helps the person to apply those techniques and improve their internal resources to solve their problems, blockages and limitations. The Coach helps his client to clarify his ideas, to guide himself and to discover the way to live the life he wants.

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